CTC Message Streaming Integration


CTC Message Streaming
A near real time streaming of device messages to a backend, platform or cloud is called 'Message Streaming'. CTC Platform receives the device messages, handles exceptions, acknowledges them, transforms them (from proprietary protocol to human readable format), enriches them with other metadata such as account, group, asset etc, and makes it available as a stream to a data consumer.

Message Streaming Types
CTC supports 2 types of message streaming:

  • PULL Based Streaming (Datapump) - is a pull based FIFO (First In First Out) queue of device messages. The message consumer polls the queue at a pre-defined frequency. TTL (Time to Live) for Datapump FIFO queue is 48 hours. Messages older than 48 hours would be overwritten if not consumed.

  • PUSH Based streaming : In this the consumer (client) hosts the destination CTC should PUSH the message to. Currently PUSH capability is available for Amazon AWS cloud platform only. For AWS Environment CTC supports 2 mechanisms: 1. Kinesis (AWS_Kinesis below) 2. SQS (AWS_SQS below). CTC is constantly adding new capabilities to deliver device messages to other popular cloud platforms.

PULLDatapump48 Hours
PUSHAWS_KinesisNot Applicable
PUSHAWS_SQSNot Applicable

Data Storage
Depending upon your CTC subscription package your telematics data may or may not be stored in CTC. For the subscription packages that don't include 'Data Storage' the data would be deleted from the messaging streams once it is read.

For the subscriptions that come with 'Data Storage', data is stored in a CTC Database and access to this data is provided via a set of APIs commonly referred as 'Results Services'. Check Results Services in the API section for more details. 'Data Storage' is an account level setting but commonly it is set for 90 days for telematics messages.