About CTC

Cloud-Based IoT Enablement Platform

The CalAmp Telematics Cloud™ (CTC) captures, analyzes, and transforms data from equipment and mobile assets into actionable insights.

Powered by an enterprise-grade cloud platform and advanced security, CTC facilitates integration between CalAmp applications and third-party management systems to enable flexible IoT (Internet of things) solutions and telematics services.

CTC serves as a central hub for

  • Data delivery, storage, and analysis
  • Device communications and control
  • Mobile network operator (MNO) connectivity
  • Device provisioning and configuration
  • Account subscription and billing

CTC Features

Cloud-Based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Solution

No infrastructure or data center required, which results in a lower up-front investment and reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

Data Forwarding

Key asset data provided securely with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for your backend processes and applications.

Device Abstraction

Simplified deployment and management of CalAmp’s broad range of IoT devices.

Comprehensive APIs

Rich services to facilitate application development, deployment, and management.

Device Management and Control

Full life cycle support for deployed devices.

Data Storage

Scalable mobile and remote asset data hosting for processing and analytics.

Network Management

Worldwide integration with tier-one MNO.

Bundled Airtime

Competitive rates leveraging numerous global MNO and MVNO networks.

Integrated App Store

Facilitated layering of new services, with incremental capabilities to deployed assets and solutions.

  • Scalable model: Reduce costs, deploy faster, and scale quickly with a PaaS model to minimize infrastructure, reduce support, and eliminate capital costs.

  • Flexible solution: Speed time-to-market with a broad portfolio of integrated devices and mobile network operators, along with an embedded framework to help create a tailored solution.

  • Simplified deployment: Directly link intelligent devices with your existing enterprise systems and gain insight into your assets.

  • Expedited data delivery: Leverage a comprehensive set of services to expedite device communications and data delivery, data storage, data analytics, device and wireless network management, subscription management, and billing services.

CTC Benefits

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