STAG09XT - iOn Xtreme Temperature Tag




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Welcome to the iOn™ iOn Xtreme Temperature Tag user guide . This manual is intended to give you information on the basic setup and enablement of the STAG09XT Xtreme Temperature Tag as well as including hardware descriptions, and environmental specifications

About the iOn Xtreme Temperature Tag

The STAG09XT iOn Xtreme Temperature Tag broadcasts asset information related to proximity location and temperature values. It transmits data via proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy protocol through CalAmp enabled telematics devices. It’s used with a thermocouple (not included) to obtain extreme temperature readings and is ideal for tracking assets that requires extreme temperature monitoring.

Market Applications

  • Asset Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Package Monitoring
  • Temperature Changes/Conditions

About the Reader

In order to limit the size and scope of this manual, the following assumptions have been made about you as the reader:

  • You are familiar with GPS and cellular concepts and terminology.
  • You are familiar with and have experience in using the SC iOn™ Command platform (

The CalAmp SC1204/SC1204V is a mobile tracking device that can be used with private or commercial assets. The SC1204/SC1204V is a single box enclosure incorporating a processor, GPS receiver, wireless data modem, and Bluetooth chipset.

Market Application

  • Asset tracking
  • Cargo monitoring

System Overview

The STAG09XT iOn Extreme Temperature tag is a proximity and temperature peripheral tag that operates in conjuction with a CalAmp SCI device and iOn Platform. It’s primary purpose is to connect via Bluetooth and pair with a thermocouple (not sold by CalAmp) to capture and report extreme temperature values while assets are in transit.

A typical asset management system based on a CalAmp device includes the following components:

  • A wireless data network
  • SC iOn™ Command Platform
  • API Platform Support
  • CalAmp iOn Application
  • CalAmp iOn Tag Service

Getting Started

The STAG09XT has a simple activation method to enable operation and communication to the iOn platform and SCI device. The process is as follows:

  1. Insert a paperclip or similar in size object into the small pin hole in the back of the STAG09XT case.

  2. Holding the tag in one hand and the paperclip in the other, depress the button and leave it depressed.

  3. A red LED will FLASH immediately upon depressing the button. This does not mean it is active, it means the button was not missed.

  4. After leaving the button depressed for about 1.5 seconds the LED will light up red again. This time it will stay lit for approximately 1-2 seconds.

  5. Once the second LED goes dark the device is active.

  6. To confirm activation the red LED near the pin hole will flash briefly once per minute, until the tag dies.

Hardware Overview

The STAG09XT iOn Xtreme Temperature Tag is an accompanying accessory engineered for logging extreme temperature conditions when paired with a thermocouple (not sold by CalAmp. It can be used to monitor environmental as part of a solution for tracking assets over the road, in flight and at sea.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 3.5” x 1.6” x 0.7” (88 mm x 41 mm x 19 mm)
Weight: 65g

Temperature: -10C° to +55C° (operating)
-10C° to +55C° (storage)

Shock and Vibration
Shock and vibration resistant

Location Accuracy
Wi-Fi: 100 meters
Cellular: 500 meters
GPS: 3-5 meters

Communications (Comm)
BLE radio to SC iOn gateway devices
80* ft (24 meters) line of sight

STAG09XT Sensors

Proximity (In view of an SC iOn SC1000 Family Gateway)
Thermocouple Temperature
Programmable Logging interval NIST traceable
Accuracy: +/- 2c (-270C° to +400C°)
Log Storage
50 days @15 min logging rate
Type T Thermocouple Interface (Thermocouple not provided - probes not sold by CalAmp)