Navigating the Portal


This page serves as a quick guide for navigating the CalAmp Developer Portal. Use the following guide for details about the public and private portal, and how to navigate it to find what you need.

Portal Version

The CalAmp Developer Portal is available in two different versions--public and private.

Public Portal

The URL will direct you to the public portal. It contains documentation for upgrading from PULS, API reference, and a CTC User Guide.


Private Portal

The private portal contains documentation related to devices, firmware, scripts, accessories and more.


Private Portal Access

You will need CTC credentials to access the private portal (purchase order required). If you don't have one already, go to Getting Started for details.

Top Navigation Bar

In this section you can find links to different parts of our documentation as well as external links.


Click the CalAmp Developers logo at the top left to go to the "home" page of the public portal.


You can log in using your CTC credentials to access the private portal by clicking Log In at the top right of the page.

Subheader Navigation Bar

Below the top navigation bar, you can use the subheader navigation bar to navigate between the public and private portals, and between CalAmp documentation and API reference sections.

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The subheader navigation bar shows your current location on the portal. Use the dropdown buttons to switch between the available options in each category:

  • Portal (public or private)
  • Documentation type (documentation or API reference)


Switching Portals

You will only be able to switch between portals if you are already logged in.

Use the search bar and filters available to find what you're looking for.

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