API Readiness

Working with CTC APIs

If your application was previously using PULS APIs, you can access the same information with CTC APIs. You will need a CTC login with appropriate permissions and an API key, which you can request by contacting our team.

For details about logging in with an API call, go to [API Login Interface] (https://developer.calamp.com/calamp/reference/the-api-login-interface-1).

Mapping PULS APIs to CTC

There are two subsections that will help you map your PULS APIs to CTC:

  • API Call Examples: Shows how to call some common CTC APIs to retrieve information from CTC, including the device's PEG script data and firmware versions.
  • Parameter Mappings: Documents two commonly used PULS APIs and their JSON fields. Each parameter available in the PULS API JSON is mapped to a corresponding CTC API and JSON field. The intent of this section is to help an existing PULS API user to be able to quickly identify the matching piece of information in the CTC APIs.

What’s Next