PULS End of Life and Shutdown FAQ

If you have not started the process of upgrading from PULS, contact [email protected] for help with placing a purchase order.

General migration questions will get updated through this FAQ. For detailed questions, please refer to [email protected]

Can we migrate devices to DM-CTC after PULS is shutdown?
All active devices need to be migrated before 6/30/2023.
All inactive and inventory devices need to be queued for migration before 6/30 AND powered up before 9/30 in order to migrate without a fee.

After 9/30/23, the only way to upgrade the necessary firmware on non-migrated devices will be to sideload the firmware locally via a cable. CalAmp can support some migrations after 9/30 for an additional fee and handling charges. Contact [email protected] for more information.

What happens to devices checking into PULS after PULS shutdown?

  • When PULS shuts down, a Redirection Service will be put in place to forward ID reports.
  • Devices checking into PULS before the Redirection Service goes live will still report to PULS, and their ID reports will continue to be processed by PULS.
  • Devices checking into PULS after the Redirection Service goes live will have their ID reports forwarded to the Common Manufacturing server.
  • The Common Manufacturing server will update the device's maintenance URL to communicate directly with DM-CTC US or DM-CTC EU.

What happens to my inactive devices that are not scheduled for migration?
Before 6/30, you may log into PULS to upgrade firmware and schedule the migration.
If you miss migrating by 6/30, contact [email protected] or your Account Executive to schedule their support and calculate the fee.

After 9/30, these devices will be blocked from over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades, and will require either sideloading locally via a cable with a fee, or sending back to the CalAmp to sideload with a fee. Please contact [email protected] or your Account Executive to schedule their support.

What happens to my inactive devices that are not up to minimum firmware version?
After 9/30, these devices are locked out of OTA firmware upgrades forever. The only firmware upgrade mechanism available will be to sideload locally via a cable.

Are new devices purchased today already migrated?
Please ensure that your account is ready for CTC Admin. After PULS shutdown, all devices will be DM devices. There will be no other device management service.
You can request to update your existing CRAF to purchase devices that are already migrated (DM native)

I looked at Account Readiness and have devices that are Non-migratable or TBD. What should I do?
All non-migratable devices have EOL status. Please reach out to [email protected].

I looked at Account Readiness and cannot find my APPID. What should I do?
The list is for most commonly used APPIDs. Please reach out to [email protected] if you do not see your APPID on the list.

I want to schedule devices for migration, but they need multiple “jumps” with firmware upgrade path. How can I handle this scenario?
The best way to handle the situation is to get devices upgraded and migrated before 6/30. After PULS shutdown, the only way to upgrade will be to request offline firmware from [email protected] and sideload.

Will CalAmp Firmware files be available for download?
This will not be supported by the CTC Admin web application. Requests for firmware files will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Each device type could have multiple firmware upgrade paths and will require CalAmp Support to upgrade. This would be a one-time deal with the express goal of getting the device communicating with DM-CTC.

Is there SMS support after PULS shutdown?
If you previously had SMS support, it will continue to work.

What are limitations with migrating Non-migratable devices listed here?
These devices, if migrated onto CTC Admin, will not support OTA Firmware updates. Additionally, pushing PEG scripts might not work.