Product Overview

The SC1302 LTE CAT-M1 is a battery-operated tracking device engineered for capturing in-transit temperature and location. It is an ideal solution for tracking shipments in varied weather conditions — whether on the road, in flight, or at sea — when device retrieval is not required or possible.


Click this link to view the SC1302 product data sheet:


Device Pre-Deployment

Verifying Device Functionality
To verify that the SC1302 device is functioning, following these steps:

  1. To activate the SC1302, press and hold the activation button on the top of the device for two seconds and then release.
    An LED will turn RED and continue to flash while the device is on at 15-second intervals.
    The device will generate and send a position report to the SC iOn™ Command platform upon activation.
  2. Log on to the SC iOn Command platform at
  3. Click TRACKING DEVICES from the top menu bar.
  4. Click the filter icon in the MDN column header.
  5. Type the last four digits of the MDN number in the Contains field.
  6. Click Filter.
  1. Check the Date Updated and Address columns to make sure that the platform has received a current position.
  2. Verify that the device battery percentage shown in the Battery% column is 95% or higher.


If the device has not reported a current position within five minutes of powering on, move it near a door or window to allow a clear view of the sky.

After the device has successfully reported its current position to the SC iOn Command platform, it will be ready to be deployed on a shipment.

Device Deployment

Device Placement in a Shipment
Device placement will vary based on the type of shipping containers and trailers being used and cargo being shipped.

To achieve the best transmission possible, you must place the SC1302 device properly inside the container or trailer with the antenna facing the correct way. The antenna faces the top of the device (button side).

For container shipments, to optimize performance, we recommend placing the device at the front of the container with the antenna facing up (button side up).

Device Recommended Placement
Here are some other placement recommendations:

  • Rear of trailer: Antenna facing toward the doors in the back
  • Fiberglass roof: On top of the load with the antenna facing up
  • Wood floor: At the bottom with the antenna facing down


Do not place the SC1302 on top of the wheel well or axles!


If you have any questions, contact the Technical Account Management (TAM) team at [email protected].