Product Overview

The SC1204/SC1204V LTE CAT-M1 is a multiuse, smart tracking device for visibility and compliance. This tracking device is engineered for logging location and environmental conditions. It is an ideal solution for tracking assets in varied conditions — whether on the road, in flight, or at sea.


Click this link to view the SC1204 product data sheet: SC1204.


Welcome to the SC1204/SC1204V User Guide. This manual is intended to give you information on the basic setup and installation of the CalAmp SC1204 products, including hardware descriptions, environmental specifications, wireless network overviews, and device installation.

About This Manual

CalAmp Supply Chain’s SC1204 is a smart tracking device, powered by an internal battery (SC1204) or a captive harness (SC1204V) for hardwired power and engineered for capturing in-transit temperature and location. This manual provides guidance on its operation, with these sections below:

  • System Overview: A basic description of SC1204V-based tracking. This includes a description of roles and responsibilities of each of the CalAmp components as well as a brief overview of the wireless data technologies used by the SC1204/SC1204V.
  • Getting Started: Provides guidance for the operation of the SC1204/SC1204V.
  • Hardware Overview: Describes the physical characteristics and interfaces of the SC1204/SC1204V.

About the Reader

In order to limit the size and scope of this manual, the following assumptions have been made about you as the reader:

  • You are familiar with GPS and cellular concepts and terminology.
  • You are familiar with and have experience in using the SC iOn™ Command platform (

About the SC1204/SC1204V

The CalAmp SC1204/SC1204V is a mobile tracking device that can be used with private or commercial assets. The SC1204/SC1204V is a single box enclosure incorporating a processor, GPS receiver, wireless data modem, and Bluetooth chipset.

Market Application

  • Asset tracking
  • Cargo monitoring

System Overview

The SC1204/SC1204V is a tracking device engineered for capturing in-transit environmental conditions and location. It is an ideal solution for supply-chain visibility on the road, in flight, and at sea when global coverage is needed to maintain supply-chain integrity, security, and regulatory compliance.

A typical asset-management system based on a CalAmp device includes the following components:

Component Descriptions

Wireless Data Network
Wireless data networks provide the information bridge between the SC iOn platform and the SC1204/SC1204V. They can take a variety of forms, such as cellular networks, satellite systems, or local area networks. Contact the CalAmp sales team for the networks available to the SC1204/SC1204V.

The SC1204V offers bidirectional communication using LTE CAT-M cellular, with multicountry support and fallback to 2G.

The SC1204V delivers location and sensor information to the SC iOn platform using an embedded application.

Getting Started

The SC1204V has one simple-to-use button for powering on and off.

Press and release the button to power the device on or off.

Turn the device on to make it ready to deploy on shipments or begin its normal operation. The device is designed to support operation for 30 days at the 15-minute reporting rate. At the end of its usage, turn the device off and return it to the recharging location.

This is how the LED will respond to button presses:

  • Pressing the button once: The LED will turn green momentarily and then turn off (to conserve power).
  • Pressing the button again: The LED will turn red briefly and then turn off.
  • Holding down the button: This will reset the device, and the LED will turn orange during the process.

Solid green and red lights indicate that the device is trying to transmit data. This is usually seen when the button is pressed during a device report.

You can monitor device behavior with your login to the SC iOn Command portal ( or through the API.

Hardware Overview

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 5.62” x 3.3” x 0.7” (142.7 x 82.7 x 17.7 mm)
Weight: 208 g (7.3 oz)

Temperature: -10º C to 40° C | 14º F to 104° F (operating)
-10º C to 40º C | 14º F to 104° F (storage)

Shock and Vibration
Shock and vibration resistant

Location Accuracy
Wi-Fi: 100 meters
Cellular: 500 meters
GPS: 3-5 meters

Communications (Comm) – Operating Bands (MHz)
LTE CAT-M1 cellular with multicountry support B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B28
Fallback to 2G
Bidirectional communications
Over-the-air adjustable reporting rate
Reporting rate: 1 minute to 24 hours
Wi-Fi enabled: 2.4 Ghz B/G/N

FCC, CE, PTCRB, applicable carriers Industry Canada, NOM

Power Modes
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Qi wireless recharging (8-hour recharge time)
On/off button
Green upon button press for on; red upon button press for off
Green pulse (periodic) for charging
Battery duration: 30 days @ 15-minute reporting

Battery capacity: 3.7V 4000mAh (14.8Wh, 5.0A rate)
Battery type: Lithium-ion

SC1204 Sensors
The SC1204 has onboard and wireless (BLE) sensors for temperature, humidity, light, shock, tilt, and drop.

BLE SC iOn Tag compatible

Motion: Stationary/moving after stationary

NIST traceable
Accuracy: +/- 0.5º C type (-30º C to 60º C)
Minimum/maximum threshold (configurable)

Light: Threshold on/off

Dedicated 3-axis accelerometer
16G max

Impact: General shock event

Drop: Vertical drop above threshold

Tilt: 90º degrees


Note: Device sensor settings and thresholding are configured through the SC iOn Command portal ( or by local API.