Additional Resources

The iOn Vision Camera Portal

To assist with evaluation of the iOn Vision solution and jumpstart integration with the CTC API, CalAmp has created a web application that pulls video events from CTC where they can be viewed or downloaded. You can also view the video event JSON data as it would be received from the CTC API. To use this application, log in with the credentials and API key for the CTC account. After you are logged in, you can view recent EDVR events and request DVR from trips.


Login credentials are for the CTC account.

iOn Vision Camera Portal URL:

A List of iOn Vision Events and Default Media Configurations

The event ID in the table below is the key for PEG scripting and event configuration.

All host event App messages (App #71 HEVT) contain eventID as the third parameter that was obtained from the script.

  • For LMU-generated events, the event ID determines which media type (video/image) and media profile (defined in the iov-config file) to use while capturing the event.

  • For camera-generated events, the event ID is part of the PEVT App #71 and returned as is in the corresponding HEVT. This event ID in the returned HEVT is used to manage the outstanding App #70 queue.

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