iOn Tags


Introducing iOn Tags

The CalAmp iOn™ Tag service tracks and protects valuable assets with smart proximity sensor tag data for monitoring, analytics, and alerts.

An iOn Tag broadcasts asset information using proximity location and sensor values. It transmits data via the proprietary Bluetooth low energy (BLE) protocol through CalAmp-enabled telematics devices. iOn Tags are ideal for protecting and managing valuable small assets and tools across a multitude of mobile IoT (Internet of things) applications.

An Overview of iOn Tags

A CalAmp iOn Tag is a smart proximity sensor that can be affixed to assets of any size and is supported by the iOn application, powered by CalAmp Telematics Cloud (CTC). If tools or other valuable assets are left behind, the system will identify their last-known location and alert operation managers and drivers to assist in a quick recovery.

iOn Tag Benefits

iOn Tags offer you several benefits, including the following:

  • Minimized project and schedule delays: iOn Tags ensure that assets are not left behind — that the right equipment is in the right vehicle, yard, or storage area — thus improving service and operational efficiency. If a tool or cargo is misplaced, the system will note the last-known location to assist in a quick recovery, helping you avoid costly schedule delays.​
  • Prevention of the loss of assets and tools: When an iOn Tag-enabled asset has been disassociated with its device, the driver will receive a real-time alert notification (within one minute) that the asset has been left behind.​
  • Compatibility with the CalAmp iOn application or third-party APIs: Integration with the iOn platform simplifies fleet and asset inventory management and allows operators to analyze data from their vehicles, all from a single application or through a flexible API interface that can be embedded into third-party applications.​
  • Reduced setup time and integration cost: You can adhere CalAmp iOn Tags to assets of all sizes and integrate them with existing or compatible CalAmp telematics devices installed on a vehicle or job site, making setup quick and efficient.​
  • Compact size, weatherproofing, and a long battery life span: A tag's compact size (1.3” x 2.6” x 0.3”) enables you to discreetly apply it to an asset, and its weatherproofing and long battery life span (approximately two years with normal usage) offer longevity of use.​

iOn Tag Specifications

Here are the physical specifications of an iOn Tag (PTAG04):

Dimensions: 1.3” x 2.6” x 0.3” (34 x 66 x 7 mm)

Ingress protection: IP67

Communication: Bluetooth (BLE), 250 ft (80 meters) line of sight

Battery: Lithium primary coin cell
Operating parameters: Activated upon breaking off the tab; maximum output power less than 100mW EIRP


-20° C to 55° C (operating)
-30° C to 60º C (storage)

Proximity Sensors
Temperature: Accuracy +/- 0.5C type, with configurable minimum/maximum threshold
Line of sight: 250 ft (80 meters)